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Inventory Management System

Client Name:- Police Headquarters Jammu & Kashmir, Jammu

Current Challenges:-

Department wants to Manage inventory with efficient scheduling and a unique control panel that gives them real time visibility all the way to your department

Technology Used:-

Sr. No. Software Components Technology Used
1 Operating System RHEL Ver 7.x
2 Database MySql
3  Middleware  TomCat
4 Front end JSP, Thyemeleaf, Java scrpit, J Query
5 Design HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
6 Back end Spring boot, Hibertnate, Jpa
7 Language Java8

Key Features of IMS

Quickly & accurately issue items to locations.
Instantly know location, due back dates & availability of equipment
Track any inventory at different locations For example: body cameras, weapons & bombs to even office supplies, sitting  at your  office.
Compile equipment usage data to analyze need for repair or service due.
Utilize bar code technology for speed and accuracy.
Track active & inactive inventory, equipment in repair, and equipment disposed of.
Keep a detailed repair log of every item in your inventory